The site SO SAID THE SAP was set up after having written  some words and after making a paper collage to go with them

The plan was to employ the blog as a free and easy way to provide up to date information on my work  The idea of using it as a

platform on which others might be able to make comments was, for several reasons, not contemplated - which I assume means it is not

technically a blog  Over the years more than 250 posts have been added Most of them are about the making of songs 

 The words which began the blog and the collage which accompanied it are below

On the way to live out life

On the way to live out life




These words may not be heard as rap but they were written by a sap who could not see that need and greed can oft times quell true love's appeal who could not see that what they saw was victim of their deepest flaw a tendency to keep repeating what they had when four or more 

Around that time the date's not clear but what they got was stark - a fear of losing what they had and whether light or dark the fear was bad or bad enough to find a place in everything they did - a trace of fear ran through their every move and kept them tied to anxious mood To hesitating stepping back scared of falling off the track that others rode with engines stoked with words of love of praise of hope that all would play out good and true that what they had would see them through 

But being sap does not require to also breathe a bitter fire upon all those who have it good although a bit more sharing would improve the lot of those who feel they never got their early needs met in ways that set them free of fear - the sort I'm citing here 

So said the sap the day they found love does not always leap and bound to fill the heart and head with joy sometimes its crap and but a ploy to satisfy the selfish needs which found a place when grief destroyed those tender moments soft and kind which we all need if we're to find within ourselves a peace of mind

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