This morning I uploaded a free copy of  DOING ALL I CAN on the web site at Then I checked what had

been said about it on Reverbnation's Crowd Reviews and below are two of the reviews: the best and the worst.  There is a free copy below


What a wonderfully unique song! I love how distinct and unique the singer's voice is, not something I hear often at all. I love the way it

works with the sparse but purposeful instrumental bits. The little low beat accents the voice without overpowering it. I also really enjoy

how it comes in confident right from the start. Woman aged 25 


I dislike everything about this song. This song is one of the worst songs ever. The instrumentals are bad. The singer has a horrible voice.

Her vocals struggle throughout the song. The quality is poor. I hear static in the background. Man aged 30

Not too Blue: portrait of and by SKC

Not too Blue: portrait of and by SKC