Under consideration for a while was a CD of a second selection of songs arranged by WILD BISCUIT MUSIC www.wildbiscuit.com 

It was mastered and given the title ALL YOU REALLY NEED IS THE SEA and the images for the sleeve were to be taken from the

above photograph of TIREE which is where I wrote the song 

Also of interest: the tracks on this one were chosen by John Saich and Mags Russell of Wild Biscuit 

The first selection of seven songs entitled MORE LIKE A RIVER THAN A ROAD had been well reviewed (see the review below) and

this was an influence when deciding whether or not to proceed with the idea 



However, after checking out the cost and not wishing to acquire another load of surplus CDs it was decided instead to make the

selection available on BANDCAMP where it can now be seen and heard

The link is https://sheilakcameron.bandcamp.com/album/all-you-really-need-is-the-sea