Included in the musicians magicians and technicians who have enhanced my material as it has made its way from basic acoustic recordings to 

something more have been: Brian McNeil,  producer, arranger and former keyboard player with China Crisis;  Brian Young, 

musician and owner of Cava Studios Glasgow and Geoff Allan,  superb sound engineer also from the same place some of the time; Fraser 

Spiers,  renowned blues harp player;  Jennifer Clark, composer, arranger, producer & session musician; John Saich guitarist, sound 

designer, producer and Mags Russell, composer, choreographer, photographer and producer of Wild Biscuit.

More about those with known links can be found at, and

The photograph to the right is of Brian McNeill as a younger

man and (as I assume he still is) an incredibly senstiive

musician When I first encountered him he was working at Cava

Studios Glasgow He disappeared for a while but is now back

and I have been benefitting again from his work on several songs 


Some of the songs he arranged can be found in the material

which is on the SIX RE-ISSUES  Included there is the 

track below

Brian McNeill