Three tracks were written in an attempt to remain calm about all that was happening in the USA. It used to be that their economy would affect ours but there is now no doubt that their politics have been INFECTING our politicians - and one in particular 

My position has been a simple one. Bullies and baddies need to be confronted or get caught and this was not happening over there

The second track entitled You'll be Remembered for What You Didn't Do was addressed to the so called Christians in the Republican Party. I attended an Evangelical church as a teenager and how they were behaving was so out of keeping with what I had believed and been taught at the time 

These three also fit into the category of what I recently referred to as Languishing. That is they were lying around poorly presented and not getting heard. 

It might be argued that is where they should have stayed.  

Here they are anyway. Newly mastered and prepared as well as possible - to get heard